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Changing Textcolor

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Hi folks,

I'm new to Paint.net and I'm trying to create a picture which has a backgound image and some text on it.

Since the image has different colors, the textcolor should ajust to the underlying image.

If the image color is dark, the color of the text sould be light or the other way round.

Is there a way to achieve that...?



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type the text on a new layer and try some blend modes?

you might get the best effects if the text you type on the new layer isn't completely black.. but then, you might not.. experiment :)

I would write plugins, if I knew what kind of plugins were needed.. :(

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If I understand you right you want the text to have the negative color of the background?

There are several ways to do that.

example of one:

1. Add a new layer :AddNewLayer:

2. go to the layer properties :Properties:

3. set mode to difference.

4. click ok and type your text in the new layer we just made and you;ll see it negative from the rest.

Other way to just have your text color different but still 1 color is to just go to your color screen and select a color that you want.

I hope you can follow this :P

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Hello all,

I have tried both changing primary color AND changing layer props, but the text still will not change from its default color of black, which needless to say cannot be seen against a black background....what other means are there to do this? Or will I have to add text from Picasa or some such other editor?

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