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Hi, I am new

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Hi their fellow Paint.Net Gamers. Well that was a very weak start. How about. I AM NEW HERE AND I LIKE TO KILL. To violent. How about. Hi.

Hi. I have just started to use Paint.Net to create abstract things. I use to just use it every now and then to make a signature but I got board of just getting a picture off the net and twisting it a little bit and putting my name on it to say that I made it but my older brother helped me. Any way I have been looking through your tutorial section and wondering how the hell could you be able to just make that up. I guess you people just play around with Paint.Net and find something like that. Any way, I am new here and I just wanted to say hi. Hi.

Ohh and just befor I forget. My X fire is invisiblekid666.

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