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Photo Merge?

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I've checked the forums and the help file and found no mention of a "photomerge" (from Photoshop Elements) function. It allows you to create panoramas or stich 2 (or more) photos together that overlap.

Is there a function like that (and I'm missing it) or is that not available with Paint.NET (yet)?


P.S. I love the program so far. I use it almost exclusively now for photo editing. It's MUCH faster than PSE!!!

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Perhaps this will help as there is no specific stitching or panorama feature in Paint.NET:


For the moment, manually composing them in order is the best you can do in Paint.NET without resorting to more dedicated stitching programs on the Internet. However, Paint.NET can do it manually very well. All the details can be found in the topic linked above.

Hope this helps.

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