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drop shadows on text....? a bit confused here....

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Hi, i'm new here and to the prog, having recently downloaded it....I've been reading the 'Help' on the program itself, and the forum.....i've read some that might relate to my problem, but not sure....

It deals with drop shadows on text.....i currently use an online site, which allows me to pick 'Drop Shadow' from a list....I type the words, then wait...and when my words show up, the words have the drop shadow effect...

I read crazy dans tutorial on images and shadow....but, as for text??..and in reading forum post that seem to be similiar to what i want...i get kinda lost in all the 'terms'....

Is there a yes or no answer to this..lol....does paint.NET have a function that adds drop shadows to typed text? If so, where is that on the program? name?

btw, the only other prog i have/used is MSpaint..i'm new to all this image stuff....i do want to say that tutorials are great! Thanks to crazy dans I was able to make a gradient background :)

I did notice on crazy dans logo that it looks to have a right shadow...?

Thanks in advance for any help


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does paint.NET have a function that adds drop shadows to typed text?

Paint.NET doesn't have a built-in filter for Drop Shadows, but you can use the method I gave for shapes on text as well. They're all pixels, shape or text alike, so the same methods will work on either. Just make sure that the object in question is on its own layer (necessary so you can see the shadow behind it).


Like up there, I made a new layer, wrote the text in that new layer, duplicated the layer, used Desaturate -> Brightness / Contrast to make it black (Black and White -> Brightness / Contrast for 2.6 dev versions), then Gaussian-blurred it.

If you want a more specific explanation, just ask and I'll seperate my sentence into multiple steps. :wink:

I hope that helps!


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