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How to start??

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I just found this forum and I love it. The Tutorils are very well. BUt I have a big problem:

How to start?? I mean, I haven't any expiriences with other programs like paint.net and I want to start doing my own things. Not just copying things form others...

So how did you start? Can anyone give me som tricks??

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Hello, welcome also.

Just experiment. Combine different effects and see how they intermingle with each other: what works, what doesn't, and what could work. Try it all. Some will return with fantastic results, some will return awful results, and if they are so: move on.

Try to recreate things like user's signatures and avatars, works of art, a favoured outdoor scene, or modifying a photograph as this will help you apply the effects and techniques you have learned to different scenarios and ultimately help you if you need to use them for a more official capacity.

I personally try to recreate things, usually in an emulated style of art, as you can see from my signature, but if that isn't your preference, then so be it, try to find yours.

See how all this works for you and see what takes your fancy.

Enjoy Paint.NET and your holidays!

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