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[Feature Request] Mini screen

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I often work on images where i have zoomed in so i can se each pixel. This way of working means that i constantly have to zoom in and out to view my work.

So I would really appreciate if i had an ability to view the part i'm working on in real its size via a small window - this is a feature i used very often when i did most of my work in MS Paint.

Will such a feature eventually find its way in PdN ?

If the answer is no, can any then recommend me an easier way to zoom in and out ?

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WOW that was quick !

Thank you for the fast reply pyrochild 8)

I'm sorry hear the answer as this was not what i was hoping for (life = u just can't get whatever u want !)

Well since i still think it's a good suggestion then i'll hope that Rick sees my post and will consider my suggestion


I'll try you suggestion and see if it does something for me :)


I have tried both of your suggestions and i must say that in my opinion this is a bit of an annoyance, because i still have to manually zoom in to the level where i was before :(

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