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An Update on Paint Mono

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paint-mono is a port of Paint.NET. The only way it could be built in the past was using a development version of MonoDevelop and there was no way of generating packages for it.

Since then, MonoDevelop has progressed to the point where it can generate standard Unix makefiles and generate the proper scripts, pkg-config files and produce code that conforms to the Mono Application Deployment Guidelines from a Visual Studio solution.

It is now easier than ever to try Paint.NET on Linux, all you need is:

* Mono 1.2.6.

* Your favorite form of Unix (Linux, BSD, OSX, Solaris).

* An SVN client.

I have not spent much time porting the SystemLayer.dll, but it is enough to access most features in Paint.NET. A real method-by-method audit needs to be done for the port to be considered complete though.

We are calling it "Mono Paint" as the authors of Paint.NET have requested us that we do not use the same name for the porting effort. The idea is that eventually the port will merely be a drop-in replacement for the "SystemLayer.dll" the library where all the OS-specific code is located.

For more details on downloading it, filing bugs, or tracking the project, see the paing-mono's home page at Google Code.


(September 25th, 2023)  Sorry about any broken images in my posts. I am aware of the issue.

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Gimp is alright, I would actually be more inclined to use it if it had the killer userbase paint.net does, you guys are too cool.... but really gimp just doesn't feel right, switching between colors and not being able to use the right mouse button to erase, color, etc.. bites.

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