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I'm deciding to learn doing fractals, but I have a few questions.

I've heard a few software/program names like Aenhopsis or something similar. I was wondering; are they free like PDN?

Are fractals hard to work with?

I hope you didn't mind if I asked these here if it's not a suitable place. :oops:



Yes, I'm a fan. ;]

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dont worry you'll get used to it eventually :D if it still seems complicated try looking for some tutorials on deviant art or try out chaoscope its a lot more simple (just drag about some sliders then press f5[i think its that :D ] and there you go its rendering then when its done you save it :D )


psn id: R3V-fiR3

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Nice work Leif. :)

Anyway, a few days back, my cousins came round to my 8 yr old had seen my fractals and she asked me how do I do them. I explained to her and then soon, I helped her make two. The majority of the shaping, colour, etc was done by herself although as I said, I did help her out at some points.


1. Chaoscope:



2. Apophysis 2.08:


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These two may have your interest, as they were modified in Paint.NET.

The first is actually two renders in Apophysit that is merged in Paint.NET.

The other had some rather dull colors, but enhanced by duplicating and blending layers.




My DA: http://leif-j.deviantart.com/


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