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Nice, Vista. But I wish it weren't so blurry.


So, we need to come up with new concepts for the next FC. Meaning a new 'twist' to how you have to create your entries.

I was thinking about a pseudo-fractal twist where you would have to create a 'fractal' in Paint.NET without using a fractal program or fractal plugins.

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That's a good looking fractal vista?.

Your getting more of a 3d look to them. :D

Thanks! :D

For all you Chaoscope users, check out this website, it seems cool, have a look at those Fractal animations as well!

Check this French website (Google Translated Linked)

I see your a member of the mailing list. :)



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Wow vista?. Me and my wife like that fractal. Nice colors.


Congratulations to rasengan105 and Rubrica. Good job both of you.

Also- What about Yata's idea about having a contest of not using a fractal program, and drawing a fractal using Paint.NET. Did it sound good to any body else besides me.

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Wow vista?. Me and my wife like that fractal. Nice colors.

Thanks, the colour gradient was made by me with ApoMap. Anyway, if anyone is interested in the gradient, I've got it uploaded for download:

[attachment=0]Vista's Chaoscope Gradient (1).zip[/attachment]

Thanks for posting the gradiant. I am trying it out right now.

EDIT: And one of the results:



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New news regarding an upcoming Chaoscope update!

Hi all,

Development has been on and off, more off than on to be honest, for

various reasons. Here's the latest list of new implemented features in

the forthcoming 0.4 version:



- New Saturation parameter for all modes

- Anti-Alias optional for all modes

- Opacity optional for Solid Mode

- Quark equation was added

- Background color for Light and Plasma modes


- Setting Preview Iterations below 50000 was causing Light and Plasma to


- Gradient name wasn't cleared when gradient was randomized or reversed

- Closing a project while animating would crash the program

- View wasn't cleared when no attractor found on fast computers


- Sliders thumb is resized properly when property is selected

- Recent files list in File menu


Added to these are "work-in-progress" features, which aren't fully

implemented yet:

- Dual threaded rendering (90% done)

- Caching of rendered attractors in RAM

- Perspective

- New coloring engine (with ability to switch off gradients)

The new coloring engine is a pain to implement because it's being moved

from the rendering code to the attractor code. It's a bit like changing

a gearbox on a car. I'm almost done with it.

Other features to appear in 0.4:

- Super sampling

- Color perspective (haze)

- Color editor

- Gradient editor/browser

- Timed rendering

- Rendering stopped when specific amount of frustum hits is reached

- Light editor, interface to position lights in Solid mode

- Export attractor to ASCII

- Undo (maybe!)

- New equations

As far as 3D is concerned Peter has exclusive use to the specific 3D

export version for now. There's a bit of code that improves 3D meshes

dramatically and I haven't decided yet if this will be a "pay for

commercial use" feature or not.

Any questions on features are welcome!

If you found a bug you wish to report please do it now!


Nicolas Desprez



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It's been a while since I've rendered any fractals, so I decided to start up Apo3D and scroll through the random batches.

10 minutes later, I'm typing this message, about to close Firefox to free up ~300MB of memory

For the record, it'll be a 3200x2400 PNG at 4000 quality, .6 filter radius, oversample at 2, and at 32-bit float with no limit to memory usage. Yeah, I intend on getting as much use with this render [wallpapers, photomanips, ect.] as possible :)

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