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is everyone always bored of the boring repetitive gradients in chaoscope?

well i have a soloution for you to make your own :D its apomap that is made by apophysis :D it lets you use the soft pallete function to create gradients for chaoscope and ultra fractal

link: apo map

just click on apomap pallete editor its cool :D


psn id: R3V-fiR3

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That might actually be quite usefull *downloads program and installs it*

wow, awesome, ooh, ahh yeah, cool... *and so on*...

Here are the edited pic of 'Alien's Core' by rasengan, with + without text :D

http://i262.photobucket.com/albums/ii10 ... _10522.jpg


http://i262.photobucket.com/albums/ii10 ... n_1052.jpg

No text^^

awesome 8)

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I wish I could make fractals again, period. But apparently Apo was conflicting with other software or something and causing my shutdowns.

Perhaps you should switch to Ultra Fractal. :P

But, it costs money... :evil:



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Although it's not the most "detailed" fractal, I like the simplicity of this one:

Hi vista?

You could try to use another gradient or blur the gradient that you are using.

Ya might have more detailed of a fractal then you think. :D

Oh! Thank you for the compliment on my fractal.

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