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OK, i have been trying my hand at fractals for a couple of weeks now. I have posted some of the results on DA lately. They are all made in Caoscope and most manipulated afterwards in Paint.NET.

Comments are welcome, as i am definitely in a learning process here.






http://leif-j.deviantart.com/art/Fracta ... s-80875751


My DA: http://leif-j.deviantart.com/


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Thanks but at the end of the day, all credit should go to the script author.

I totally agree with that statement.

Some of those scripts will make anything look beautiful.

The author should be acknowledged for having the technical knowledge and vision to come up with a script.

Edit:Oh yea, cabintom has some really good scrips and seems to be willing to help people who want to write their own scripts.

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Can you get like, extra variations plugins for apophysis 3D hAck, or something, and if you can, can you give me a few links, or something...


With Apophysis 3D, you can try out all the different variations as well as scripts.

Download scripts:

Because I am really into fractals, and i don't want to clog up the board, if anyone has any links to apophysis plugins/ scripts, can you PM me please, please :( ... :? :wink:

By the way, awesome fractal


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I can give you the links for getting the plugins.



I believe that I installed them correctly but I can't find them anywhere in Apo in order to use them. So if you can figure them out any help would be appreciated.

Here is the directions that I found to install them.


Put the DLL(s) into the Apophysis Plugins folder. You may need to create a Plugins folder under the Apophysis installation directory. For example, if the Apophysis206.exe program is located in c:\Program Files\Apophysis, then you will need to create C:\Program Files\Apophysis\Plugins directory and put the DLL files in the Plugins folder you created.

Apophysis will find the plugin the next time it starts, and the plugin variations will show up in the list of available variations (plugins appear near the bottom of the list).

Also I was wanting to show off this fractal made in Apophysis 3D hack with cabintom's 3d pillars script.


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