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I'm uploading mine, and R3VENGE's entry to my DA

good :D lol my deviant is a bit broken i just tried to upload some win amp icons ive made and it says its worked but i cant see them :shock: anyway i should put that on my d.a aswell really :D


psn id: R3V-fiR3

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I hardly ever comment on fractals as I don't know the first thing about them, can't tell a good one from a bad one. But I do know what I like, and this one is beautiful. like spun sugar at the fair.

@oma: is this comment a compliment for my fractal or someone else's fractal?

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its sure is pretty.

thanks for the compliment then! :P

Why not try out fractals? You never know what you could come up with - after all, it's all to do with experimentation.

Secret: I never expected this fractal to be very good but you and Rubrica have reassured me by saying it looks nice! :D

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I am not as good as most people at fractals, but I will enter anyways (am I supposed to PM my entry?). Also, Make sure to click once on the image so it zooms in to its full size, because otherwise it looks bad.


Others that I created:


Hippy Bracelet

And this one I need help on:

House of the Reaper

Why are the outside edged all speckled with white dots? This was me first fractal one Apophysis, did I mess it up?

It took an hour to render, so to me it was a big disappointment to find it like that.

A bit off-topic, but I decided my avatar looks horrible and will make a new one.


..:The Official Sass Giver:..

..:Xbox Live Gamertag: Dutch Man Dann:..

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