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How did I made this?


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The title is my main problem... I can't quite replicate this:


can some do it? I know it's quite abusive to ask for this, but this is what's keeping me from advancing...

I know I did the "Waves" tutorial (changing some parameters), and then some crazy stuff with curves, duplicate layers and blending modes, and then changed brightness-contrast, ending with glow...

I'm sure pros in Paint.NET can do this without too much problem.

I hope that I'm not breaking any rules here...

Also, I hope that I'm not sounding like a helpless n00b that can't write well in such an amazing forum...

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Of course... there's a link in my first post to the "waves" tutorial... what I mean is if there is a more-or-less easy way to replicate it... I tried it and ended up with this:


(Ignore the ball...) I had to use polar inversion to achieve that... which is something that, in here, seems overkilled...

mmm, I don't know hot to achieve the first one though...

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I'm talking about colors here, and the effect it creates, glowing in the center and dark on the outside... The "waves" only takes me to a gray image... That's what I'm really asking here. No rudeness implied.

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wow that looks dead good....is entirley made from PDN or did you use stock images?

Yes, entirely Paint.NET.

Make sure if you want to post more of your nice work you need to use The Pictorium

and make sure you read The Rules

G'dDay !


I did post in the pictorium! (check the 708th page, I'0m sure it's in there) but nobody helped me, so I did this one. I'm sure that when I make more amazing ones I'll post them there. I did also read the rules.

and, when I'm at it... Merry Christmas!

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Lately, I'm saving all the works as a .pdn, but the thing is that with this particular image you have to flatten all the time, and saving as a .pdn doesn't save the history, so it's quite hard to know what you did after you are done with it. I'll screenshot the history of what I do in images like this, that way I'll know a little bit better what I have done.

Has anyone tried to do it? I'd like that you would try it...

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