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Cursor offset when in Paintbrush mode.


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  • 3 months later...

I experienced this problem in v3.22 Final also, though it doesn't appear to be consistent - it wasn't working right yesterday, but today it seems fine. Paintbrush tool, Line tool, and Shape tool were all affected the same way. I think the Erase tool was also affected, but I'm not sure if I recall that correctly. Stopping and restarting the program didn't change anything. The Pencil, Selection, and Eyedropper tools all worked correctly. My cursor was offset approximately 2cm (about 100 pixels) above and to the left of where the drawing was taking place.

I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate Edition (regular 32 bit) with a screen size of 1280x1024. My Tablet PC uses an Intel graphics chipset and I'm using a USB trackball/mouse. I've got 2GB of RAM, so memory shouldn't be an issue. I was using a desktop monitor rather than the built-in tablet screen/digitizer.

I thought the problem may have been that I was working on a small image (48x32 pixels) at 500% zoom; I changed to several other zoom factors with identical results. The cursor was off by the same amount regardless of zoom.

I noticed that cursor position status display was showing unstable coordinates - bouncing between positive and negative numbers, which may have been the actual drawing position and the displayed cursor position - as I moved my mouse slowly. This morning, the cursor and drawing positions were the same and the display seemed to be representing the position accurately.

I originally loaded a JPEG format file. I tried loading both PNG and PDN formats, but neither had any effect on the cursor behavior.

I hope this information helps to troubleshoot the problem.

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I'm having this problem occasionally (Windows 6 SP 1 here, Wacom Graphire 3; didn't happen since I installed the latest drivers, though).

This seems to affect every program that uses the Ink API here. So, Windows Journal, InkBall and PDN are all affected. This may be a problem with my tablet driver, though.

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OK, I think it's not a bug in Paint.NET itself. I just started Paint.NET and it worked like it used to work. The problem seems to have disappeared. If I examine the Event Viewer, I can see only a few things that have changed my configuration over the past few days: "Update for Office 2007 (KB946691)" was installed, the Photosynth ActiveX plug-in was installed, and I removed BOINC. But I'm not sure if and why this could influence the mouse behavior.

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