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PDN glow vs. PS Glow?

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Wither, I find Outline Object at 255 softness as good as, or even better than, Halo.

I'm not familiar with PS's outer glow, but If it is what I think it is, wouldn't Outline Object/Halo on a seperate layer (possibly with some curves adjustments) make an effect that is similar?

I really want to see an Inner Glow in Paint.NET though. That would make 99% of Photoshop planet tuts easier in Paint.NETtopic>

Halo: http://boltbait.googlepages.com/halo

Outline Object: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=5715



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The Halo doesn't have any options and wehn i aplpied it to a line that was 30 pixel thick, it was so thin, it was barely visible.

What I want is an efffect to create the kind of quality glow in all those fan made ligthsaber vids like Ryan v dorkman...

Maybe some sort of soft blending..

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You could always try the Outline plugin already mentioned or the Drop Shadow plugin which has options for colour, position and blur radius - blurring will come in handy for the glow you are after. Be sure to apply the effect on a duplicated layer of the image; this will also be helpful if you wish to add further effects to the layer, maybe even lower the layer opacity for a more softer look.

Have an experiment and see which method, or combination of methods, works best.

You must bear in mind, though, that a tool and an effect differ greatly because of their application, therefore the Ps glow tool will work differently to the glowing-methods employed by Paint.NET users.

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