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how to :replace color with nothing, color->transparent

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This is how:

Hit the "More >>" button on the colors window. This expands the window. Set the "Transparency - Alpha" to 0. :wink:

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still no luck,

here is the image :


how can i turn the white background into transparent ?

many thanks !

Oh that's what you meant.

Just go to the link BoltBait provided. :wink:

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thanks Folks , totally forgot the wand tool !

very helpful community here :D

Glad you like it here and welcome to the PdN forums. :wink:

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Hi there. I've been messing with this and searching for quite some time on how to do what I'm trying to accomplish, but haven't been having much luck. I'm hoping someone can help me out here.

Essentially, I have a GIF image I've converted to PNG so I can use the varying levels of Alpha available. I'm trying to turn the white areas into transparent colors, but am having issues. I can certainly do the wand/delete option, but the problem lies in that some of the areas are variations of white...and they need to be converted into varying levels of transparency.

Here is a sample image:


After wand/delete, it looks like this:


Obviously, this isn't the desired result.

So, I have tried using the fill tool with varying levels of tolerance, but that provides similar results...but to different portions of the image (not the desired result).

I have also tried using the recolor tool, but it doesn't seem to want to replace with a transparent color at all...just dumps the same Alpha 255 color in place.

So, is there a way to have it turn various shades of white into various shades of transparency?

The only other option I can think of is to cut out everything but the top portion of the image and then create my own mirror of it below...but that's actually above my skill level so far.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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Hello, all, first posting.

Despite having used the wand technique to make my background transparent, the saved image still shows with a white background, which makes the main image look very ugly. It seems, from what I've read, that true transparent backgrounds can only be achieved by saving as either .png or .gif - yes? Which means it doesn't work for .jpgs.

However, having saved it alternatively as a .gif image, Photobucket is refusing to upload it as a .gif; though it tells me that's the file it's uploading, it actually turns up with a -1.jpg extension, so the background is still white.

Any suggestions, please, as to where I might be going wrong, either in PDN or at Photobucket?

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You should set this as its own thread; that way people don't think it's a reply to an old problem.

But to answer your question, I'm going to ask another: How are you saving it in Paint.NET? Are you manually typing the .GIF extension yourself, or selecting GIF from the drop-down list in the save dialog?

If you would, please append the answer to that question to your original post and create a new thread. Thank you. :-)


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