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How do access a plug-in?

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This is my first exposure to Paint.NET; I want to use it to apply text

labels to images. Toward this end, I am working with the scotch tape

tutorial, which creates and uses rectangles, to create movable boxes for my text.

I have downloaded and installed the Outline Object .dll, but I can't figure

out how to find or use it.

Thanks for your help.

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Beaten to the post (pun intended) once more...

Hello, LovesToDance.

You should read the below articles, the top a topic from the Plugins section of the Forum, the bottom a page by one of our resident moderators, BoltBait:



You should also use either one of the two search facilities available to you to see if your question has been answered before:

Built-in Forum Search

Paint.NET Search Engine

And the Rules for good measure:


I hope this all helps. Have a good holiday.

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