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Could someone do a step by step tutorial for drawing a cat?

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I have desperately been trying to draw a cat sitting up looking straight ahead and all I manage to get is a cat that looks like it has been run over by a truck! I just want to do a simple drawing of one and I don't know if it would be better to scan one and trace it or start from scratch. If someone could help, it would be appreciated. I have been using paint.net for awhile now and I love it, I just can't figure out how to go about drawing the cat. Thank you.

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Hello, fhem45. Apologies for the late reply, your topic appears to be burying deeper by the day.

I'm probably not the best person to answer this, being awful at drawing creatures of human or otherwise origin (I know, a contradiction considering my signature), but would Google Images, Flickr, Wikimedia Commons, morgueFile, deviantART stock photography section*, or the like suffice for a stock image of a cat in that pose, then modified later on?

Or are you wanting to completely draw this cat from scratch?

I only ask because using a photograph my prove easier for you if you are finding drawing one by way of hand or computer difficult.

*I've linked to the stock photography section purposely in case you thought you could take any picture and use it freely, as, in most cases, you can't, hence the link to the stock section; stock licences are more liberal. Clicking 'Categories' on the left will give you the sub-sections which includes one for animals.

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