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Any Possibility ??


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I've seen Paint.net running on a friend's machine - very nice Editor !!!

Now my Question, how do I get Paint.net 3.1 running on mine with W2k ??

Yeah, I like this OS and I know that the System Files and nearly everything

is quite the same like on WXP ... !

I suppose it's just an OS-Check in the Install Routine.

I don't need any support for this excursion, only want to see it run on

Windows 2000 SP4 with IE6, DX9c, and all needful Hotfixes and Addons ...

If it would hang up - no problem @all :wink:

I would be very happy to get it run !!

Please help - no further support



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Sorry but this is clearly spelled out in the rules: Do not ask for Windows 2000 support.

Also, make sure your thread titles are specific and non-generic. Your thread title could mean anything.

Thread Closed

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