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Move Selection Nubs are too large

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The clickable area for these nubs extends 6 pixels on each side of the selection area. However if the image you are dealing with is only 10 pixels wide to begin with, there is no way to move the selection around on the canvas even when zoomed in to 3200%. As far as the interface goes, I would recommend that the nubs retain their original clickable area no matter how far zoomed in.

Anyone know of a workaround to move selections smaller than 12px in width or height?

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To further the reply of the speedy, fellow-user above ( ;) )...

You can have your cursor slightly out of the selection yet still carry out the function.

For example, moving the selection: have your cursor a fair distance away from the selection, you should see the move pixels cursor appear ( :MoveTool: ); for manipulating the size of the selection (moving the nubs): have it parallel to the desired nub but slightly out of the selection, you will notice that the hand cursor for the manipulation remain allowing you to resize ( :PanTool: ).

Does this make sense?

EDIT: typos

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