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pyrochild plugins (2020-11-21)


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Hello all,


On 4/9/2021 at 6:57 AM, Divergent said:

Uhm hey I just thought I'd point out that even with the latest version of your plugin and pdn your smudge tools at the top are cut off making it difficult to alter settings while smudging. unknown.png

Just wanted to let you know that it looks similar on Windows. The plugin works great (ignore the girls, see the smudged skyscrapers), but the controls are only partially visible:


Running the plugin on a 4K monitor here, with Windows dpi resolution setting at 200%. Apparently the plugins are not yet set up for different (i.e. higher) screen resolutions.

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Definitely running the latest version of PDN (4.3.11) and only just downloaded the Plugin pack so I assume it's also the most recent version.


I've installed everything via the installer and can't find the Smudge brush anywhere. Should it be in the "Tool" dropdown menu or is it somewhere else?

pdn no smudge.png

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AFAIK the only plugin from this pack showing errors in 5.0 is Scriptlab.

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46 minutes ago, JNRant said:

antivirus said it has a trojan.


This sometimes happens when you have a very sensitive antivirus.  It IS safe to download.


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