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pyrochild plugins (2020-11-21)


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Right now, I'm working on some costume patterns, where each piece has to have a 1/4 inch added all the way around for seams. It seems like I should be able to show these additions by using your "outline object" effect instead of trying to draw these by hand. I have all of your effects installed but I can't figure out how to use this function. Any words of advice for this graphics novice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Just curious, but has there been any behavioral changes to the smudge plugin? I went back to update a project I used it on and I can not replicate the work I had done with it before.

More specifically, when taking a stroke across an area where no color is present, I used to be able to smudge the absense of the color across a colored area. This produced a really nice smoke-like effect when used with the right colors. I've included a sample of the problem I'm having here. The top portion is the desired effect on text, the lower portion shows the "T" smudged with the new plugin. I have tried different starting positions for each stroke, further from and closer to the areas with color with no avail. Just scratching my head now.


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. :mrgreen:

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The Smudge renderer has not had a significant change since Christmas Day of 2008. So unless you made that over a year ago, you're doing something differently. Try duplicating the text layer (the text is on its own layer, riiiight?) and smudging from that.


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Yup it's on it's own layer. :D

I like the result of your suggestion. It's more of an additive effect however, and does not produce the same effect since there is no color removed from the bottom layer. It's entirely possible my environment hasn't been updated in over a year. Today I updated to the latest version of paint.net and had to update a number of plugins. As best I can describe it, I think what I did before was similar to smudging a 0 alpha color over a 255 alpha color, effectively only subtracting from the original color.

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Hi PyroChild,

I had some plugins that I downloaded a few years back, and one was a drop shadow tool.

I was having issues with some of my plugins not being compatible with v3.5.4, and I was pointed out that yours were *very* old.

I got the new ones downloaded and installed.

I do not see a Drop Shadow option. Was it removed, renamed, or could I be thinking of someone else's plugin? (Keeping track of plugins for someone who only opens the program a couple of times a year is difficult!)




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