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a noobie needing some help heh.

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ok i just got paint.net and so far it look really awesome and i had fun exploring around with its features. now i m finding myself with a problem. i wanted to put 4 different pictures into one place but it kept using one pic as a background (i want white as background ... not the pic itself) and it refuse to let me move the photo or resize it so it would look like kinda like 2 pics on top and 2 pics on bottom.. all same size. instead they kept adding layers and kinda laying over other pic i added. so... anybody care to teach me a bit since obviously this is basic stuff and i m just learning. :) thanks if anybody is willing. if it helps i have a public screenname for AIM so if u wish to teach me over AIM ill pm u with the info.

p.s. if i posted this in wrong place i apologize. im also new to forum :)

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