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How to chrome a picture

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Note to admin: This is the second post i have made following the first being locked due to me not following rules (honest mistake). I have altered what i think are the mistakes i made. If this post is still not correct then could you at least edit it or inform me as to what i have got wrong rather than just telling me to read the rules and try again then locking the topic. As a newcomer, informative and constructive help would be greatly appreciated and help resolve an issue a lot quicker. Thank you

Hi all,

Was wondering if there is a kind soul out there who would be willing to help a trooper in need? As you can probably guess from my avatar and username i am a bit of a star wars nut, and i am also a member of a star wars costuming group that travels the country raising money for charity. Which is where you guys come in!

I am currenly in the middle of adding the finishing touches to my latest costume which for those who remember the original trilogy is an AT-AT Pilot. I have a decal that will attach to the back-armour, there is a section of this decal that i would like to give a chrome look to it. I have found a thread in the tutorial section about creating chrome letters, but this is not letters. I am aware that the process is probably the same but when trying i have failed fantastically :lol: When following the instruction and clicking on drop down menu's i don't seem to have the options that it says i should. So i was wondering if there is someone out there who would be willing to do it for me as you guys could probably do it in a fraction of the time it would take me (if i had the correct options).

I could PM you the image and explain the parts i mean to be chromed. So if you like to help then please PM me, the empire would be in your debt :wink:

When finished this is what i should look like


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FB Trooper, the thing with chrome is that it is actually reflective. There is no way to control that in PdN. Any results you/we get in PdN would only look chrome from one perspective. I guarantee it will not look that way you want. It seems like you would be better served by cutting your shape out of some type of foil or shiny vinyl sticker.

I have some friends at work that in are in the 501st Legion. I will ask around to see if they have any suggestions.

Also, would you be able to post or PM me a picture of what part of the costume you are trying to recreate?


Take responsibility for your own intelligence. 😉 -Rick Brewster

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