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Sig/Avatar Requests + Gift Exchange


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I finally got that sig for you sabrown.

I was in a rush though, but I came up with this:



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D                  E                  S                  T                  I                 N                  Y

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OK it is not my best work but:




HUH??? thats weird it is PNG but it saved them without transparency??

EDIT: unfortunately i am unable to get it work so you have to do it with this, if it works again i will repair it, it might go faster if you do it yourself tho.

WOW! i think i have a new avatar and sig every day! The above post may contain: junk, art, wrong spelling and a lot more!

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didn't you make one for me??

sorry, im working on one. i had a few things to finish, ill try my hand at it after school. any particular renders?


You should get the Win7 theme for XP. Then get the rest of Win7. Then uninstall XP. Then it'll really look nice. ~ David Atwell

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