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a mmorpg i play, need some ideas


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i play a mmorpg called knight online world. When you have a clan, and reach a certain clan grade you can get capes, sybols for your capes, and you can put your sybol next to your names. im tring to come up with =an idea for a new sybol. the problem is that the sybol can only be 15x15. its kinda hard to make something like that. here is a screen shot of my char in game. you can see the clan name, and the sybol. if you have ideas for me pls post, or if you can give me tips on how to make one that small.

(the sybol im tring to change is the red one, not the green. the green one represents somthing else)


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to make it small, i would first create it nice and big with detail, then resize it to the appropriate size


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...big with detail, then resize it to the appropriate size
You will no doubt lose a lot of the detail if you do that. I would, if it is solely for this purpose, make the symbol 15x15 using the Pencil Tool; no bigger and, obviously, no smaller. This will result in a more crisp symbol.

Take the 16x16 application icons, they are not resized from their larger brethren, they are instead authored at that size specifically for such a small purpose. You would be wise to do that same.

I would have thought this be better suited to the Pictorium, but still: are there any characteristics your clan is associated with - fire, ice, computers, magic, ... ? If so, that would be a perfect starting point.

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