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3.20 Problem


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No! No install GIMP! I've had this problem before. I never understood it, and I don't think I ever will. There's a 3-minute solution, and a 30-minute solution. I don't know the 3-minute solution, unfortunately.

Basically, what happened is that one of the Registry keys hidden deep below the surface of Windows XP got corrupted (possibly by a computer crash) and messed with Paint.NET, making it almost impossible to update, install, uninstall, or repair it. This was a problem I had for several months with no solution until I figured out what you just read.

To fix this, you'll need to open up the Windows Registry Editor (Start> Run...> regedit). Once there, hit Ctrl+F, then type "paint" and hit enter. The reason I want to to type "paint" and not Paint.NET is because there may be registry keys that use "paintdotnet" instead. Anyways, if you find something that has to do with Paint.NET, delete it (please make sure it has to do with PDN before you hit that Delete button!). Every time you delete a key, just hit Ctrl+F and continue searching until there are no more. Now you can go to your Paint.NET folder (probably in c:/program files/paint.net), back up your Effects and File Types folder to another location (if there's anything in there), and delete the Paint.NET directory (i.e. every thing in there). Congratulations, you just uninstalled Paint.NET manually! You can now go to http://www.getpaint.net/download.html and install v3.20 via installer with no problem.

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