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Problem Cutting Photos From Scanned Image - DPI Drops

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I scanned a bunch photos with several pictures per scan and now to save them as individual photos. They were scanned in at 300 DPI and open in Paint as 300 DPI. For some reason though when I cut a picture out and "Paste to New Image" in Paint the DPI drops automatically to 96 DPI? Is there a way to cut photos out and still retain the original 300 DPI? I can't figure this one out. thanks!!

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I actually investigated fixing this several months ago, before v3.10's release, but I found that either the clipboard is dropping the DPI, or the .NET Framework is. So it wasn't going to be an easy or short fix to implement. I still have this in my bug database though.

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File > New > the size of the canvas should be automated to the image copied to clipboard > enter in resolution of 300. Don't forget to change from Pixels/cm to Pixel/inch.

Does this help?

Works like charm! I tried these steps before; however, I created the new file before I cut image out of the original and the size did not auto fill... by creating the new file after I make the cut, it auto-fills the size, and I manually enter 300 DPI... nice! thanks for all the quick responses to my issue. I really appreciate it.

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