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Making the background transparent

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Hi, I have tried everything, read all the tutorials, all the forum posts, but I just can't seem to get it right. All I want to do is make the background of an image transparent. I have a website which sells handbags, purses etc. and it would be great if I could do this, then the image on a white website page would look like it was "floating". This is what I have tried, 1. Open the image, 2. Select the magic wand tool, and set the tolerance to 25%, click on the background, 3. Click "edit", "cut" and the background takes on a checkered appearance. 3. Click "file" "save as" (either PNG or GIF) But when I open the finished product the background is always white. Any idea where I am going wrong ? Hope it is something simple. Thanks, Mickmac

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When you open it i presume it opens in the default view (Windows Picture and Fax Viewer) which automatically has a background of white. This could be your problem, to see if the image does have any transparent areas view that image in a slide show and the white should now be black.

If this isn't the case please reply back, however this is similar to another plugin request - Chroma Key plugin request (Automatic removal of colour). Please have a read of this and tell me if this is similar to what you are after, and if it is express your opinion as a reply on that link so we can get something done abut it.



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