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Question about Tools

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I assume you are referring to Effect Plugin's and not Tools - there are no downloadable tools.

The majority of Effects are downloaded in some sort of ZIP format; you are obviously using WinAce as an archive/extract tool.

First, close Paint.NET before downloading any Effect Plugins.

[Edited for specific Firefox instructions]

I see you are using Firefox browser, choose the 'Save to Disk' option. This will either give you an option of where to save the download, or download it to a pre-defined location (depending on your browser settings).

Once saved, open the file location and right click on the ZIP file, choose the 'Extract to' option (or whatever similar option WinAce gives you) - extract it to C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects

Restart Paint.NET and it will automatically load the effect plugin - it may be located in any of various effects sub-menu's, you'll probably have to refer to the original post to see where the effect is located.

For more information see this thread in the Plugin section of the forum: How to install Plugins



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