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Am I getting in too deep to start with?

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I am a retiree and not real high tech savvy, don't even have a camera, yet. I am somewhat familiar with film photography, I owned a Canon AE-1 many years ago, but never a digital camera. I will be getting a Canon A720IS soon and will want to do some basic processing including purple fringe removal, noise reduction/removal, but nothing fancier (at this point). Is this a good application for my needs? Is there something simpler I should start with? I have read the faq's and really don't know what to look for with search. All that I know about digital is what I have read up on over the last couple weeks, and what has carried over from my film camera experience. Is there some sort of "instruction manual" for using this application? I really should have just asked the previous question, that's really what I'm looking for.

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Thanks for the replies. Yes, I downloaded it and have been playing around with some old bad cellphone photos. It will take some practice, but this might be just what I was looking for. I am assuming I will have to get a book to help me out a little, show what can be done, etc. Nothing in-depth. Any suggestions?

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Well, there's not a book per se. But if you look in the Tutorials section, you'll see something Wither put together - it's a flash tutorial. Take a look, it might help. :-)

EDIT: Link is here >> viewtopic.php?f=15&t=21605


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I also like the Color Balance plugin to reduce yellow in poorly lit indoor pictures.

There is a link for it in my sig.

Also, you might want to read this thread: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=5570

It goes along with this plugin: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=6524

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Thanks all, as a rank newbie I appreciate the civility I have seen so far on this forum. Not like some others I have joined. I really think that I could enjoy this new challenge with a little help from you. I will spend the next days reading tutorials and playing with photos until I get a camera. Thanks again!

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I think this is perfect for a new user...

Using Digital (6 to 10 mega pixels) is so different from film....you can shoot a lot of pictures and then delete a lot......

Paint.Net does not have a Browser for reviewing...I suggest adding Picasa ( free from Google to supplement Paint.net

Paint.Net has a lot of capabilities ... I am currently setting up a method of producing a B&W Ansel Adams procedure.....

# Effects-Color-Filtered B&W Set Red at Left (0) and Density to 255

# Increase contrast and bring out detail in Red channel.

# Sharpen+ using Amount 20, Radius 80, Threshold 0, Run Twice


# Effects-Noise-Median Filter set to Radius 2, Percentage 50%, Run Twice

# Repeat Effects-Noise-Median Filter

# Levels – Run Low Input at 3, set Gamma to 1.15

# use Brightness-Contrast to get good White to Black spread

# Give the image a bluish tint...

# Effects-Color-Color Tint set to 160, amount 50

# Sharpen Slightly (Under Effects-Sharpen+) Amount 100, Radius 2, Threshold 15

I am sure you will find many approaches including adding Borders, cropping, cutting out backgrounds.........Have Fun......

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