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Interactive Begginer's Tutorial (Concept)

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A friend of mine just downloaded Paint.NET.

She asked me where the gradient tool was. I told her, but she then explained that she had accidentally closed her Tools window. I told her just how to fix that problem too. She then asked if there were any PdN tutorials, I directed her to the Tutorials section, naturally.

But all this got me to thinking, these are all questions that are asked on a daily basis. I was thinking of making an interactive Flash tutorial (much like the one I recently published about my drumset) that doesn't teach how to do an effect, but instead just covers the basics of Paint.NET and its interface. Explaining 'simple' problems like where the tools are/what they do. How to get your windows back, and other stuff like that.

The only downside to this is that making anything comprehensive enough (especially in Flash) would take time. I don't mind spending the time it takes to make something like this, but I also don't want to just waste my time on something that's not going to help anyone.

What do you guys think?

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i like the idea, go for it :)


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Ok, I shall now undergo said task. It's funny, I just moved all my plugins into a new folder to better simulate a 'new' PdN interface and realized I had 109 files in there. ... And there are still more on the board I haven't even seen yet, I think. haha

I don't remember a time when my effects menu was so bare. :shock:

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If you could do that, it would be awesome for all of us - if it could pop up when you first use Paint.NET, and then tell you where you can watch it again, it would be really cool. And, well, inspiration wouldn't be tough to find *looks at forum*

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