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Chroma Key plugin request (Automatic removal of colour)

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I can see that you guys are making significant progress on this. Thank you very much for all your combined effort on this.

I'd like to give you a hint that will give you an even better idea of what should be the effect of Chroma-key plugin: (Note: the end result of the three steps below is not the expected end result of the plug-in in question)

1. Using the would-be Chroma-key plugin, remove the green background of the Windows Logo on bottom left, thus making it transparent. (This should be the result of the plug-in. The steps 2 and 3 below are not to be done by the plug-in.)

2. Add a new layer below this now-transparent logo.

3. Fill this layer with the violet color which is same as the background colour of the Windows Logo on top right.

After doing these steps you should be able to get a picture that's exactly the same as the one on top right. Then the plugin you used in step 1 is a true Chroma-key plug-in.

Another thing I would like to point out is that you must not focus on the example picture I gave you, though that's a good start. The plug-in should work good with any picture in question, and it should respect selections. In some cases, for example, the background might be green, and there might be the same green on the foreground. In such cases I will need to let the plug-in know what's the background and what's not.

I think I may have already asked about this, but I'd like to stress on it. Anyone with experience or prior knowledge in chroma-key applications (for example weather report video editing in a TV channel company) could contribute by suggesting methods by which these could be done. Also, please do research on chroma-key on the Internet.

Thank you very much for your efforts, I can see that solutions are blooming. I promise you, this will be a really great plug-in, one of its kind. Who knows, it might get featured and might even be added as a standard feature of Paint.NET, giving it a true edge over Adobe Photoshop. That's because there is a chroma-key plug-in available for Photoshop, and it's commercial, not free. It's hard to use, and not perfect either. Photoshop doesn't have this feature by default.

Keep up the good work guys,


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Pah when I requested the exact same thing at the start of November I hardly got any answers except from BoltBait about his Strip Primary Color plugin.

"Chroma Key plugin request (Automatic removal of colour)" is a better title to interest people, because people always have trouble removing backgrounds. "Colour selection" makes people skip the topic. That, and luck.

For the plugin, remember to add Reset buttons.

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