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New 2 paint program

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I am a complete new newby when it comes 2 this program....Been looking at some tutorials and trying a few things out, my only problem is I do not know how 2 upload any of my work so i can use it on another site.

eg: I just made me fist sig the other day....wanting 2 use it on another forums website but can't seem 2 get photobucket or Imageshack 2 host it.

any help on this would be awesome:p

Thank you in advance!

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Firstly, please change your thread title to something more descriptive, this will get locked as soon as a mod sees it, also please read the rules.

To answer your question, make sure you're saving it as a .JPEG or a .GIF or a .PNG, Photobucket and image shack won't work unless it's in a recognised image format. Read this for more information :)


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