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Imprecise drawing with GDI+?


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I posted a question about drawing with GDI+ on UseNet, but seeing that Paint .Net also suffers from this problem, I thought I might ask your opinion as well: http://tinyurl.com/cesc5

Has this problem gone unnoticed?

Is Paint .Net going to have better drawing functions in the future?

I have experimented a bit with various combinations of PixelOffsetMode and SmoothingMode, but none produce the near-perfect results I can get with Photoshop.

I am aware that Paint .Net is not a precision tool like an icon designer (or similar), but ... the GDI+ results are ugly :(

I wrote my own class for creating circular brushes with/without antialiasing and hardness setting. Perfect results at all sizes/settings due to the fact that I do not make use of optimized, quality-compromising algorithms. By caching recently created/frequently used brushes, this works very well, but I wouldn't want to use it as a general tool for drawing circles, so I'm still searching ...


Joergen Bech

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