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Lensflare plugin

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I think that Paint.NET have almost all effects of first nedeed and more than needed(thanks to plugins and developers) :) For few years of it life paint.net very progressive programm,it's evolution very good.From simple programm it turn to power graphical tool!

And i think,that we need in lensflare\lens effect as we can see in cinema or games,when rays of sun goes into camera objective :)

Sorry for bad english

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I started something about that project here ^^^

But I was satified by what I've got:


...complexe UI

...bad aliasing


You could find:

...the codelab code version on page 1

...the latest version on page 2...

Ask me if you want the latest source...I would be happy to have some help on this plugin...

BTW, I'm getting better and better (IMO) so when I will reopen this project, I will have new ideas.

Let's hope it will be soon...

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