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My unfinished stone Stairs.

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Well as some of you know ive been working on an album cover and stairs are a big part of it. The only reason you may no if because this is about the 100th thread ive posted concerning this...haha. but any way. im started to feel like the ideas and capability for my design are coming together both in my head and on PDN. Ill attach an image of my stairs. I came up with a pattern trying to make them look more like stone, but ive been having a really hard time. I was on MS paint screwing around when i came up with this pattern i pasted it into PDN and ive been trying to mess with it using dents and bevel edge plug ins. It doesnt look terrible but still doesnt quite look like stone. i was wondering if any one could make any suggestions on what to do to further render it.


oops here it is. yellow is the pattern.



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