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need some links, not sure what i used to make these

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i hate to do this, but i cant find it on my own. i just started up with paint.net again and need some plugins. i cant seem to find the tuts i used to make some things that had the links to the plugins in them. i need the dent plugin, cloud plugin, and the plugin to make this thing,


i used a zoom blur in that too. i also made this one using a plugin, not sure what it was called either


the tut im loking for was to use dents to make fire, i made this following that, and i would like to find it again


again, sry, but i cant seem to find it so if anyone can give me some help, thanx a ton!!

and the link in rules that says, popular features or something cannot be displayed

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Clouds is built-in (3.10: Effects > Clouds; 3.20: Effects > Render > Clouds).

Ed Harvey package includes the Dents plugin which will appear under the Distort submenu.

That funky effect is called Tile Reflection which too is built-in and can be found in Distort also.

As for tutorials, that would be better answered by someone else.

Does this help?

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You know i didnt eeven look at the built in ones. Lasty i remember i had to install those ones. That helps a ton! the tut for the fire was something like, an easy way to make fire text or something. i think you made a black white red orange and yellow layers of your image. then zoom blurred each one except the black one at different lvls. then merged the colored layers and dented it. i think i can figure it out if i mess with it. thank you very much for the reply. Everyone on here is always so helpfull everytime i come back to the forum!!:)

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No problem at all. Helpful we are :D.

As for the tutorial, I can't honestly confirm if it was the one you described as I avoid all tutorials with the phrase 'fire' in its title nowadays. However, it is good to hear someone mention the line: 'i think i can figure it out if i mess with it.' Music to my, and no doubt other's, ears!

Anyway, glad I could be of some service.

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