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Round rectangles and color mixers

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Hey, though I'm new to the forum, I have been using paint.net for 2 years.

If any one is interested, I have a few recommended plugins

1. On the rounded rectangle, there could an option for the roundness of the corners

2. The other would be a color mixer: you choose 2 colors on the color wheel (or on the picture) and it give you a color "average"

Please let me know if these have already been done, or if they are begun

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i dont believe these can be made into plugins, well, for the rounded corners, you would have to adjust the whole box in a dialog box

but this could be a feature request

plugins are effect plugins


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1) Panhead is correct in that plugins can not affect, or be created as, tools. Panhead's post summarises it quite well.

2) That could be plugin, although I don't know of one currently out here or in the making, but then who does know what is running through the mind of plugin authors?

This trick has worked close enough for me in the past (...five minutes) - sum the red values of both colours and divide by two; sum the green values of both colours and divide by two; same for blue; then enter in the new values for their respective colour. Find the averages first, then enter in otherwise it could become frustrating.

Does this help?

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You could also put the two colors together in a checkerboard on a 50x50 image (25px per line and 25px per column) and run Pixelate on setting 50. No math involved, just the Checkerboard Plugin and the Pixelate Effect. :-)


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