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A Newbie Question

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Just wanted to say "hi" and introduce myself before I begin sinking the forums with my gazillion questions! My name is Nancy, and I am a big time "wanna be digital scrapbooker"

First question, if you please. I'm a major scavenger hunt for freebie digi scrap files I download some that are in PSP graphics form. I have always been able to open them until two days ago. Now they won't open using any of the utilities I have installed. Can I download something/anything that will allow me to see and use any of these treasures?

Please? and Thank You!


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Hi Nancy. Please read the rules first, especially those pertaining to thread titles. "Newbie question" is far too unspecific and is an explicitly disallowed thread title.

After you've read the rules, please post again and we'll be glad to help.

Thread Closed

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