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Please create plugin that fills transparent areas with white

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I would find it very useful and be eternally grateful if someone would create a simple plugin that takes all the transparent areas in an image and fills them with white. So far the simplest way to do this that I've found is to: create new layer, fill it with white, move layer underneath, then merge layers down. I tend to work in one layer and keep creating transparent areas by using the eraser instead of painting white, and moving selections in images. I would really like this to be a one step procedure.

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Why are you so dead-set against creating a new layer? That really is probably the best way to do it...

Alternative: (Not a very good one)

Select the transparent parts with a selection tool ( :EllipseSelectTool: :LassoTool: :RectangleSelectTool::MagicWandTool: ), then fill it with white...

Alternative2: (Much better, but can be daunting for inexperienced users)

Use Curves+.


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Just merge the two layers .... I don't see why we need a plugin for this.

How 'bout just paint it white. That will get your hopes up! :wink:


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