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Drawing a dark gloomy flower garden and stone stairs.

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Hey again everyone,

Over the past month I've been getting used to Paint.net. In last two weeks or so I've started my own project. My goal is to create a kind of dark gloomy foggy image. I want there to be two stair cases leading up a dark gloomy sky. At the bottom of my stair case I want there to be a dark gloomy misty garden, with maybe perhaps a statue of some sort between the two stair cases. Ill post what I have so far so maybe you can get a visual of how I want this. My problems currently are the stair case and the flowers and stuff in the garden. I have to idea how i should do these flowers. I have two stair cases that I created using Shape 3D, i would love to make these medieval looking somehow. I'm not sure if someone knows an effect I can use for that. The other thing i could use some help with is drawing this garden I'm really not sure how to go abouts doing this part, if any one has some artistic advice, and some technical advice on how to do this I'd love to hear.

Thanks for the help!

Heres What I have



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You are a quick hamster aren't you? :lol:

I was just about to dig up my flower tut :)


Use draker colors for the flowers.


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Thanks hamster i already searched the tuts, i saw that flower one and i may make try to mess with it but im not sure the best way to add those to a garden and make them blend into the grass and make it all look kinda gloomy. Any advice on that as well?

You would have to mess around with it. Different blending modes, blurring the bottom of the stem...

You are a quick hamster aren't you? :lol:

Search is your friend 8)

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For added gloominess, just add water!

Try making a new layer, running Clouds on it, and experimenting with the Opacity/Transparency and Blend Mode of the layer.

In Paint.NET 3.10: Effects -> Clouds... ( I think... )

In 3.20: Effects -> Render -> Clouds...


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