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Can't re-install Paint.net problem =/

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Hey ummm Rick? I got rid of Paint. net and now im trying too re-install it but, It keeps saying "Could not open Key: Hkey_Local_Machine\software\classes\.tga\openwithprogids. Verify that you have sufficient acess to that key, or contact your support personnel" What do I do, or how do I fix that?

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Have you read viewtopic.php?f=10&t=854 yet?


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Try this first: During installation, uncheck "open targa files (tga) with Paint.Net" (it's somehow called like this). You can add this option manually in the aftermath, I will tell you how to do.

I have XP, And yes I have admin status.

In this case I have to think about it. Do you know what regedit is?

The point is that you may create a system restore point and then have a look on the registry key that prevents you from installing ("could not open key..."). The solution might be to change the rights of the registry key or to delete it (it's recreated during installation).

I ask you if you know regedit as I could keep it short in this case.

If you don't know, this is for explanation: The registry is the "brain" of Windows. The operating system and other apps store information inside the registry. Paint.Net has the ability to open tga files and the error occurs when it tries to write "I open tgas" in the registry. What I would do is to have a look on our "ill" key.

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