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Paint.NET v3.20 Beta 2,freezes when saving (before) file

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XYplorer is an explorer alternative (and no shellex) that runs seperately (I think), like WMP, Firefox and so one, that's correct. But: Does PDN attempt to open XYplorer instead of the common Explorer (= save dialogue)?

Do you save very large files?

You should try to 1) uninstall and then 2) reinstall PDN (reboot after deinstalling). If you used all the alphas and betas, your system/Paint.Net maybe was damaged. While installing, you should deactivate your antivirus software and don't use the computer for any other thing than the installation process. It's not that hard, just do it and than tell us if the error is still there. :wink:

Edit: Stop: You have SP 3 RC? Erm, you know that RC isn't stable? :wink: And try to update to .Net 3.5, it includes .Net 3 SP1 and .Net 2 SP1 (PDN uses .Net 2 and not .Net 3).

I'm almost convinced that your SP3 is the reason.

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First off,thanks for all the responses...

It happens even when XYplorer is disabled,i'm pretty sure that's not it.The author of the program says it makes no registry changes,that and i've scanned the registry myself.

It's not the file size.

I barely use anti-virus,nothing that's always running.Mostly stand alone utilities.

When i uninstall software,i uninstall software (btw,this build does do a better job at not leaving things all through out the registry).When i uninstall,other than the obvious uninstall through add/remove console i go through the programs folder,the C:\Documents and Settings folders ,then i take a registry scanner and scan for anything name paint.net.

This has happened throughout the year (pre SP3 RC 1) even upon a complete reformat of my system after buying a new drive.It's random though,fickle,sometimes it saves correctly

other times,well.I've tried Paint.net every three months or so,then reinstall.Just to check it

out,i'm not an art/graphics guy so i just give it the once or twice around,see if it's cool on my system,then this problem always pops up.

I do tweak my system,disable services,does anyone know if there is something in the Administrative Tools/services that paint.net absolutely needs?

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As long as you only disable some services, this can hardly be the cause of the freeze. To make it clear do like Ash said. To be honest, your number of services is dangerously low. You have many additional processes running, like those from Camtasia, PDN and your XYplorer, but you haven't even twenty at all. I have 17 when I disable every additional program. And I've tweaked my processes, too. One can assume that you overtweaked.

Have you removed the usernames in the task manager from your screencast? If not, this is a huge bug.

Have you tried to save to other locations? You may have a problem with access rights, try to save to C:\ or to Documents and Settings.

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