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Meteor Flaming Text - Tut Request

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I just saw this post up on Digg.com: http://psdtuts.com/text-effects-tutorials/create-a-spectacular-flaming-meteor-effect-on-text/

It's a tutorial on how to create a meteor text effect for PhotoShop. I was wondering if anyone could find a way to duplicate it for PDN. I've tried, but I'm a very novice user at PDN, and couldn't really duplicate many of the steps.


LINKto the larger version.

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I reckon even I could make that tut, providing I installed shapes3d...

Infact, I'll get right on it (don't worry, I have readable grammar and know where the print screen button is) :wink: :)

Edit: On second thoughts, I'll leave it to the professionals (look down).


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