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Selective Coloring

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Hello all,

In a nut shell I attempting to create one of those black and white photos that have certain objects in color (you know, like those one you always see on a hallmark card or the black white photos of a kid holding a brilliant red rose)

I have been looking throughout the tutorials and plugs yet to no avail.

Any thoughts , or possibly a push in the right direction would be appreciated

Thanks :)

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I just want to add that the Conditional Hue/Saturation plugin works very well for this too

here is the topic where you can download the .dll from.


when using it, you can choose the range of colors you want desaturated (grayscaled) and/or increase the saturation of a specific color/hue you want. This is actually the method I use for the color accent effect.

I know I'm posting this response 5 days after the topic was posted, but I felt this information is useful too.

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