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Attention BarkBark00


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I loggged unto your gen discussion thread tonight and ended up being ask by Rick not to use your thread in such a manner....i later explained to my husband what had happen...he in turn explained to me what i did....and now...well....i feel so bad....so stupid....i didnt mean to break your thread.....im so sorry...im signing off the forum now.....goodbye...again; im so sorry

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Erm, "hijacking a thread" is not nearly a big enough deal to warrant making a completely new topic devoted to an apology. Hell, it's probably not worth an apology; I doubt he cares ;)

If you really feel the need to apologize, you should do so in a Private Message.

And now, I'm going to see how many times I can count how many pillows are on my bed before a mod locks this thread ... :D


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