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Archive for plugins that support older versions of Paint.NET

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There is two problems with this, first off you would have to get permission from all the plugin authors that you use, and i believe the forum does not support older versions of PDN


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You will find that all (or else the rare few) are fully compatible with the most recent versions of Paint.NET. Some are redundant for the fact that the functionality it gave was integrated into Paint.NET. As for recent weeks during the 3.20 pre-release season, the plugins that don't work correctly is because of slight coding change, but these will be rectified by their respective authors for the final version.

Could you give the link to a topic of a plugin which no longer works with 3.10/3.20b, please? Just out of curiosity, of course.

Anyway, as Panhead correctly stated, the Forum does not openly support older versions of Paint.NET, and this sort of topic would only endorse queries pertaining to such older versions, which is strictly against the Rules.

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There's no reason to be using an older version of Paint.NET, just as there's no reason to be using old versions of its plugins. New versions are released for a reason, not just so you can see a higher number when you click Help -> About.


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I cannot run the most current version of paint.net. I can only run upto version 2.72 (I think that's where it stopped working on windows 2000) since that's all we have at work. So, yes there is a legitimate reason to need to run older versions of the plug-ins, and older versions of the paint.net itself.

Do you really think someone wouldn't upgrade if they could?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Legitimate, yes. Supported at this forum or by those who work on Paint.NET? Absolutely not.

Sorry, but this will never happen. I am not trying to sound crass, just honest.

Thread Closed

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