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Image quality jpeg/gif/PDN/TIFF/bmp

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What is the highest quality you can save the picture as?

What filed when saved saves most memory or takes up the least amount of memory?

What is the appropiate way to save images using these extentions?

I have this image i saved it as JPEG and BMP which i saved be i could not recover.


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Paint.Net automatically selects the best (quality lossless) choice when you save your picture. For pictures with layers, the PDN-format is the best choice (it saves the layers and is lossless). For pictures with only one layer PNG is the best solution. In opposition to BMP it compresses the picture. PNG is also lossless. For the web you should save as JPEG. The lower the value, the smaller the file size, but quality is getting worse. Use the preview tho make your decision.

To reduce the file size of PNGs, go to the plugin section of the forum and download the OptiPNG plugin. In the save dialogue, select "optimized PNG".

For the PDN-format you have to mind there is no other software than Paint.Net itself which can open these files. If you want to transfer a picture with multiple layers to GIMP or Photoshop without loosing the layers, you have to go to the plugin section and get your hands on the PSD plugin.

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Bob, I think the last sentence of spiderman38 indicates that he lost something ("i could not recover") and due to the fact he saved as BMP (which is lossless but just worse than PNG) the thing he lost can only be at least one layer (?).

And now you tell him to save again in a non-layer format.

There are reasons for me to write about the difference between layered images and no-layer images (in fact one-layer-images...).

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spiderman38 (and not only you), you can get simple and basic information about the differences between the file formats by reading this (a bit hidden) Wikipedia entry. Further information is available via the specific linked entries (I mean PNG, JPEG and so on). It gives also basic information about lossless/lossy stuff.

If the problem is rather related to layers (an ususal issue for beginners), you should read the Paint.Net help file.

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  • 12 years later...

But the question is: How can I save one layer in 80% and other in 20% quality together?


If I open the 20% image and save with 80%, it increases the size of file, even though the image is the same....


I ask this because I need to merge a picture map, that uses 20% quality with a text that needs to use at least 80%. 

If I put the text instructions and save with 20%, will not be good to read, so I need at least 80% in this layer.


How Can I merge then together, the text at 80% and map 20% without elevating a lot the size of final file?


Ps: My english not that good. (Greetings from BR)


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@LPMazzoco, You win the award for posting on the oldest post possible ... it's from over 12 years ago. The conversation is completely obsolete.


Just make a new post already. I'm closing this thread. 

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