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BarkBark00's Birthday!

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Congrats, BarkBark!

Drinks all around! Oh.....wait. I'm underage. :(

You'll get apple juice...

De kop van de kat is jarig,

en zijn pootjes vieren feest,

Het staartje mag niet meedoen,

want die was pas ziek geweest.

Hij kwam net uit het ziekenhuis

met heel veel pijn aan zijn keel,

want al dat lachen en dat springen

werd hem veel te veel!


Hartelijk gefeliciteerd!

(Happy Birthday!)

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Pardon my italian Ash, or andrew, or david but..

Li desideriamo per avere un buon compleanno tutto dei vostri giorni, BarkBark00. Siamo così felici di averli qui.


i vostri amici qui alla tribuna di paint.net.

(ENGLISH: We wish you to have a happy birthday all of your days, BarkBark00. We are so glad to have you here.


your friends here at the paint.net forum.)

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Wow! A whole thread dedicated to me! I feel happy. :D

Sorry for not stopping in earlier. Unfortunately, someone decided to give me the 24hr flu for my birthday. I'm feeling much better now and I appreciate everyone's well wishes.

Any 23yr olds out there have any advise?


Take responsibility for your own intelligence. ;) -Rick Brewster

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